Making personal loans, personal again.

When you ring up a big company, the first thing they ask you is your customer or reference number and your date of birth. We ask you your name.
We’ll get the best rates

As Finance Brokers we have entered into agreements with a large number of credible Lenders. So if certain Lender raises their rates or declines your application, as a Broker we have several other Lenders to choose from.

We represent you positively

At The Lending Room we know finance; our knowledge and experience means we know what our finance providers like to see in an application and how to present a loan application so that your complete story is looked at seriously.

If we think that your loan application is unlikely to be approved, we will let you know why and provide lending advice for what we believe will help you get approved in the future.

We want you back

Repeat business is important and apart from stellar customer service, we believe ensuring you get a great deal at the best rate possible and a loan that is tailored to suit you personally is the best way to get you to come back. We also get a real kick out of helping people, it is the “ah, that’s lovely” factor that grumpier finance companies seem to lack.

We’re 100% NZ owned and operated.

With The Lending Room you can be sure you will be talking to someone in New Zealand, who actually knows what they are doing and will treat you like a person, not just a statistic.

Meet the team

Cassie Greenfield


As our Director, Cassie brings a long history, experience and passion for the finance industry to The Lending Room. Her industry experience means she has forged connections with local and international companies, guiding her team to find not just the good loans, but the right ones for their clients.

Cassie also heads up several other finance companies, keeping her finger on the pulse of the industry. This has been at the core Cassie’s success with all the businesses she gets involved in within New Zealand. In her spare time Cassie enjoys spending time in the gym and with her family.

Steve Scott

General Manager

With an extensive background in dealing with consumers in both the corporate and SME’s, Steve brings a unique combination of people skills and attention to detail to his role at The Lending Room. His previous experience has well-equipped him to managing the fast-paced, vibrant environment. Since joining the group in 2016 he has been overseeing the growth and management of The Lending Room.

He says the key to the success of The Lending Room is due to the great team that is involved with the everyday running of the business. In his spare time you’ll find Steve outdoors spending time with his family and fishing rod close by.

Michelle Dent

Lending Manager

Michelle has worked in the finance and loans industry for much of her career. This depth of experience is invaluable to her role at The Lending Room, where she liaises between her clients and various lenders, navigating a range of complex issues to find the right loan. She enjoys the process of searching out the best deals and the best terms for her clients.

On the weekends, Michelle indulges in her passion for cars and spends time with her fiancé.

Why use a finance broker?

As Finance Brokers we provide our customers with choice, convenience, and experience. Our customers receive an expert mentor through the often complex lending process. A Lending Room Broker offers extensive choices and access to affordable loans while balancing a customer’s financial interests and goals.

There are many different lending options out there for consumers to choose from. As an independent Finance Broker we deal with numerous Lenders and therefore have access to all of those market options; while a Lending Company usually only has access to what their company offers.

The staff at The Lending Room are very pleasant to work with and made the whole procedure very simple.
Thanking you.
– M Fowler