About Laurence

If you want to pay off your mortgage in 30 years, call a bank. If you want to get yourself and your family ahead, you have to do something different – with an experienced expert at your side.

What does The Lending Room CEO Laurence Pope do?

When he was 16, Laurence bought his first property. He knew something was off about the conventional wisdom of earning a wage, buying a home and retiring comfortably on government superannuation.

The early gamble paid off. One property soon turned into a broad portfolio of renovation projects, subdivisions and developments.

In 2007, he purchased the first of a set of 17 houses on one street in Paroa. He initiated projects with the council to clean up graffiti, start inorganic collections and community meetings, which saw him featured on One News, Campbell Live and in Property Investor Magazine.

Getting through a global financial crisis as a full time investor wasn’t easy. Neither was learning about the common pitfalls of borrowing money the hard way; big interest bills teach a hard lesson!

He quickly learned that banks give us exactly what we ask for, not necessarily what we want, and suboptimal lending circumstances have consequences that magnify over time. An informed strategy can be all it takes to move from getting by to securing our families’ futures.

Now, Laurence’s work is navigating people like you around the inevitable blind spots and tripwires that hamper the inexperienced buyer or investor, using his long track record of success, and advice that is impartial.

How can we help?


If you’re buying your first home, or want better terms on your home loan, let us take the pitfalls and mystery out of the equation.

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Talk to us about loans to support your business, whether you’re looking to weather the storm or take a major step forward.

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Get the car you need, faster. See us for a pre-approval so you can snap up that perfect deal as soon as it appears.

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Life’s full of twists and turns and sometimes we all need a little help for those unplanned, unexpected expenses. Chat with us today about how we can help with a tailored personal loan.

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Juggling a lot of debts can often become a real hassle, especially when you miss a payment. We can consolidate your debts, so you only have to manage one monthly payment.

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If you have unexpected expenses or you’re waiting until your next payday, a cash advance could be the solution to bridge the gap, with flexible repayment options available to help get things sorted.

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