Cash advances

If you’ve run into some unexpected bills, a cash advance is a simple way to get things sorted. Depending on your income, you could have up to $3,000 in your pocket the same day you apply for the loan, and payable over 6 months. And since you pay it off at the next pay day, you won’t have a debt hanging around for a long time.

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Loan repayment options

The best cash advances are the ones that are tailored to suit you – and that’s what you’ll get at The Lending Room.

Depending on what you need, you could get a cash advance for up to six months, and depending on when you put in the application you’ll generally get the cash on the next day.

The direct debit repayments are either monthly, weekly or fortnightly – it’s simple. It is set up on your pay day so you’ll never have to worry about upcoming payments again. Once you’ve repaid your first cash advance, you can apply for another whenever you need one, just by calling us on the free phone number 0800 96 22 22 and speaking to one of team.

I have found Julian Sheridan & Lisa Maitland very efficient and their service is outstanding at all times. They are also very friendly and helpful with their communications by telephone and email.
– J Timms