If you’re looking to take the first step or to simply get better terms on your existing home loan, our team at The Lending Room can help you get the best result. They can assist you to get on the property ladder, guide you through an investment property deal or help to make your home go from great to amazing with finance for a renovation or complete makeover.

When it comes to mortgages, small details can mean a huge difference in the amount you end up paying for your home. We’ll take everything into account, including what you’ve accumulated in your Kiwisaver account, to make sure that the mortgage you end up with has the best interest rates and is structured to help you pay it off as quickly as possible.

Our Range of Home Loan Options

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First Home Loans

Property Investment Loans


Why work with us to arrange your mortgage?

  1. Better Deals

    Because we arrange a large quantity of mortgages every year for New Zealanders of all types and budgets, we can negotiate better deals and added benefits with our network of industry leading NZ lenders.

  2. The Right Terms

    Our experts will make sure your mortgage is structured correctly, so you won’t run into any unexpected trouble down the track.

  3. Refinancing options

    We can make it easier to refinance, so you can take advantage of the our lender networks great rates and offers.

  4. We are across all banking options, at all times

    Just because you have been with the same bank your whole life, does not automatically mean they are the right lender for you. When it comes to buying your first home or growing your investment portfolio, let us do the work to ensure you know all of your options.

  5. Less paperwork

    You’ll have less hassle and less paperwork with The Lending Room arranging your mortgage. We’ll keep things as simple as possible for you.