Unsecured Loans

When you need a cash boost, an unsecured loan provides fast finance for weddings, holidays, dentistry, car repairs or other unexpected bumps – or baby bumps! There’s paperwork though, and it can help to have an idea of how much you can borrow. That’s where we come in.




How are unsecured loans different?

With mortgages and car finance, an asset is offered against the loan in case you don’t pay it back. That means you need a house, car, boat or other valuable item to attach. With an unsecured loan, no asset, no problem: you can get a loan based on how much the lender thinks you can pay back, depending on affordability, loan purpose and your credit profile.

Borrow between $500
and $50,000.
No asset, no problem…
you can still get a loan.
Get a loan based on how
much you can afford.

Make a start and apply for your unsecured loan today!

What our customers say

“The team at Lending Room was amazing when I’ve been in a struggle they’ve always come through for me. Priyanka was professional, fast and friendly and service was 10/10. I couldn’t be happier”
– Piri

“I needed money for a birthday and a much needed holiday. The Lending Room helped me achieve that goal. They were very professional, courteous and always kept me informed and kept it simple….I highly recommend The Lending Room.”
– Zane

“Honestly, you guys make my day…super fast and easy to apply. I recommend The Lending Room to anyone out there that needs fast approval. Thanks again.”
– Angelina

“Fast and efficient service. Helped me as best as possible with my query and advised me with the appropriate information”

– Galitele

Other loan options


Life’s full of twists and turns and sometimes we all need a little help for those unplanned, unexpected expenses. Chat with us today about how we can help with a tailored personal loan.



Juggling a lot of debts can often become a real hassle, especially when you miss a payment. We can consolidate your debts, so you only have to manage one monthly payment.



If you have unexpected expenses or you’re waiting until your next payday, a cash advance could be the solution to bridge the gap, with flexible repayment options available to help get things sorted.